Hello from China

ChinaserieslogoWe just arrived at the team hotel in Beijing after an 18-hour flight from Orlando. I spent the flight talking with some of the younger guys and listening to music and playing video games -? Bass Pro Fishing Tournament is my favorite. But now we?re really here in China and I?m excited.

I grew up on Curacao, a little island in the Caribbean, and you never think you?ll get to go to the other side of the world. That?s why I?ve always enjoyed traveling. So, when the Dodgers asked if I wanted to be part of the first Major League Baseball series in China, right away I said I wanted to go. I love to experience different cultures. I?ve been to Japan, I?ve been to Holland and Bora Bora, but never China. I don?t know very much about China. I know it?s a big country with a lot of people and a unique, amazing culture. I know about the Great Wall.

I don?t do a lot of research when I go somewhere new. I just like to go and experience life in different places without any ideas about what it?s going to be like. I might just go walk around or take a train or get in a cab and just drive around and see the people and the buildings and the scenery. I won?t get to do that on this trip as much as I?d like, because we have a real tight schedule, but that?s okay, I?ll make time to do some sightseeing. I brought a camera and this time I?m going to take some pictures. I?ve been to Japan three times and I might have taken a half-dozen pictures.

And I?ve got to get some real Chinese food. I love Chinese food back home, but I think it?s going to be way different in China. I remember the sushi in Japan was so different than American sushi. Those are the kinds of things I love about traveling. Some of the veteran players didn?t want to come, but I think this is one of the great things about being a Major League ballplayer, getting opportunities like this. If you?re not trying to make the team, it?s an honor to be part of this. And we?ll still have 10 days once we get back to get ready for Opening Day.

Tomorrow, we have a workout at the stadium, then a little sightseeing and then a dinner reception. I?ll be back tomorrow with more.



  1. alicat0792@aol.com

    I’m enjoying your account of the trip… and from one Braves fan to a former Braves player… We miss you already!Good Luck, baby.

  2. Jaq

    We REALLY will miss you (and already do) in Atlanta this year. As a lifelong Braves fan who grew up in ATL I got to see you play here from your first big league days back in ’96 and cheered you on as you patroled center field during all our great division winning seasons. I wish things could’ve allowed you to finish up here in Atlanta but I sure wish you the best of luck in LA and I’ll be at the visiting dugout to say “Hi” when you come back to visit us in Turner Field. Check out my blog if you ever get a chance and leave us comment if you feel so inclined.


    Good luck this year and have a great trip in China!

    JB in ATL

  3. carrottop5792@aol.com

    I am SO glad that you’re having a good time being a Dodger, but we miss you back in Atlanta! I came down to Florida for spring training at the Braves stadium in Orlando against the Dodgers and I was so disappointed that you weren’t there! I can’t wait until you come to Turner Field with the Dodgers in April! I’ll definitely be there cheering for you with my A. Jones jersey on. Have a great time in China!

    From: Tali (your #1 fan!)

  4. alindeborg@gmail.com

    He Andruw,
    Corda conta nos con e cuminda chines na china ta smaak.

    Aunke cu mi ta un braves fan, pa via di bo, mi lo keda un Andrutje fan tambe.

    mi ta spera nos por wak Braves vs. Dodgers e aña aki den NLCS.

    Tur cos bon y mii ta desea bo un MONSTER year y pa 2010 bo lo bolbe bek home (atlanta)

    Saludos di un Curasoleño na Aruba.

  5. ndmen1975@yahoo.com

    Hey DRUW,
    Im glad that you were one of the few vets that went to China with the team, Im happy to see that you having fun with your new team, (my DODGERS)… My son and I are both big fan of yours and have been since your days with the Braves, Words can not describe how happy we are to have you here in LA at least for the next two years.(hopefully you’ll retire as a DODGER) We wish you the best this year and all the ones you still have ahead of you… and lets us know how real chinese food is.. lol… See you at DODGER Stadium….

    DREW Sr. and DREW Jr….

  6. Tommy

    I wish you and the guys in China nothing but the best. Have fun, and remember to represent the Dodgers to the highest degree of class, dignity and character.


  7. ephraim.1611@yahoo.com

    Mi ta deseo_bo tur kos bon na China i despues den e kampionato nobo ku ta bo dilanti. Aunke no ku Atlanta, pero komo yu di tera bo ta keda mi heroe.

  8. timodee@adelphia.net

    Yo, Druw —

    Have a great time on the China trip, bro — but hope the food isn’t too good, and you’re back to your fighting weight by the time you reach Arizona. We need that bat speed, baby — after all, you may need to hit 50+ dingers to get us to the top of the Western Division and beyond!

  9. ingemarstewart@yahoo.com


    Pabien un biaha mas bo ta sobre sali..exito ku bo team nobo hasie bo best nos ta ku all way..korda grita korsow su nomber ora bo yega e great wall..

  10. tlhuerta@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the Dodgers. Have fun in China. I’m looking forward to your blogs. I hope you help bring a Championship to the Dodgers because it’s been way too long!! I’m excited about the 50th Anniversary of the Dodgers in LA and hoping we can top it off with some new jewelery for the players.

  11. yarrum_07@hotmail.com

    you’re my boy, andruw! have a blast in china, and i’ll be seeing you at dodger stadium soon. peace!

  12. eligoodrich@aol.com

    Hey Andruw,
    As a life long Met fan I’m sure you can see how happy I am to have you out of Atlanta. Now that your with the Dodgers i can root for you,and put you in my fantasy teams. Good Luck, Ill be watchin. And China seems amazing. My father loves it there. Ill check in tomorrow. later bro

  13. bonbeis40@live.nl

    andruw mi ta deseabo hopi exito a e anja benidero aki na LA…..mi tin hopi konfiansa den bo ku lo keda saka kara di korsow i asina tambe sigi impone……saludos for di kouwe kikkerland ..hulanda…
    tiko chantalou

  14. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    I like to travel myself. A few years ago, I went to Chicago. I took two trips one to by a ticket to a Dodger Cub game. That day I rode the subway system and took movies of the els. I love the transportation systems especially the trains. The other, I just had enough time to go to the game and watch Derek Lowe pitch a 1-hitter. All in all it was a fun time.

  15. luciennsexy@yahoo.com

    Hi Andruw,

    I always felt you and the Dodgers were a good fit. It must be fun to play for a manager with the temperment of Joe Torre. Hopefully you’ll have even more fun hitting in that loaded lineup this season. Hey, not to much of that Chinese food Druw. I gotta some stolen bases from you for my fantasy team-lol.

  16. old_fogey_la@yahoo.com

    Enjoy the trip, glad you are looking forward to the adventure. (How bad is the smog?)

    I hope you keep yourself in great shape this season. Trust me, now that you’re on my side of 30, it takes extra work to get the skills you got!

    Great to hear directly from a player.

  17. x_thehighlight_x@yahoo.com

    I have been a big fan of yours even though i am a huge dodger fan. Now, i dont feel guilty for clapping when you do something! Before when atlanta played LA i couldn’t help but clap when you did well! I look forward to this season and i hope everything goes well!! I will enjoy seeing 25 in center field for the next two years and hopefull many more years to come!!

    Good Luck Andruw


  18. jhsportsline@yahoo.com

    Big Dodger fan in Orange County, CA!

    Great blog Drew. Have fun in China and enjoy the grub. Should be a great year with lots of Wins.


  19. palufranky@hotmail.com

    Andy, mi ta deseabo hopi exito pa e aña aki ami ta un braves fan, pero lo mi wak e weganan di Dodgers sigur.Bo mes sa ariba Korsou

  20. drs0129@yahoo.com

    I remember your smile the first time you came to bat in the Major league, you are the same age as my grandson. That is when I became a baseball fan and watched all the Atlanta games I could. Now I am a Dodger fan and wish for you a very good season with the Dodgers. Go Andruw!!

  21. dittoacosta@setarnet.aw

    Andruw, saludos di Aruba pa China. Otro Gold Glove / 50+ Hr / .300+ AVG y 130+ RBI ta deseonan di Aruba pa bo temporada 2008. Bai pe !!!

  22. kimmacware@comcast.com


    Just wanted you to know how my husband and I appreciate the way you play the game. Always with maximum effort, positive attitude (love that smile) and appreciation of the fans that come to see you play. Thank you for all your days in Atlanta, you will be missed. Hopefully we will see you back in a Braves uniform in 2 years.

  23. oscarsantos@verizon.com


    i am a giant dodger fan i am looking forword to seeing u do some gold glove catches in center field i saw ur homerun vs ur former team all i can say is u bombed that thing i will make sure to buy a ur shirt at the store i hope u enjoy ur 2 years with the dodgers cuz i now that i will enjoy watching u please hit h.r the fans will appreciate it

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