Baseball is universal

The writers were asking me what the first game in China was like. It was like a baseball game. That’s the way I approach it. I got here early today, took early batting practice in the cage, worked on my swing and got mentally prepared. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s regular season or Spring Training or Florida or China. I get into my routine and try not to change whether it’s here or wherever.
The fans were into the game. And when they announced there would be no extra innings, they started to boo, so they really knew. Overall, I’d say the fans in the stands were very nice. They yelled my name, called out Andruw. There were a lot of Americans out there.

I’m feeling like my swing is coming around. I’ve been working on my balance and I’m starting to see some results.

A lot of the guys are going out tonight for dinner, sight-seeing and shopping. I probably won’t leave the hotel. I’m going to my room, I’ll get something to eat, maybe get a message, pack up and get my sleep. I don’t know, maybe I’ll go down to the lobby and treat the guys to a drink. That’s it for my entertainment. If we had more time, I’d probably do more stuff. But not for me tonight.



    You did a superb job out there, Andruw. I’m glad to see that you’re even a superstar in China. Keep up the great work!

    Have a fun time in China.

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    Since your swing is coming around, does that mean that we are going to see a 30+ hr season? We’re pretty tired of being told that the Dodgers don’t have any power in their line-up. I want to see you and Matt Kemp hit a combined 60+ hrs this season. Please! thanks.


    I was a little slow in accepting you in CF because I felt we really needed a 3rd baseman. I was actually hoping the we’d swing a deal for Miguel Cabrera but I guess he was too costly. I wanted to see Ethier go to LF since Gonzo was taken out of his way. I seen you play against the Mets alot and I think you are what we needed in the middle of our line. I think its up to Torre to figure out a way to get Ethier some ABs. I know you are happy to rejoin your buddy Furcal. Even though I still think it might’ve work out better if the change was at 3rd, I’m sure we have a better lineup now that you’re here. GOOD LUCK


    I’m glad you’re having fun and that you played well today, Andruw! It’s going to be really tough going to Turner Field and not seeing you out there in center. We’ll really miss you back in Atlanta! Good luck with the rest of your trip in China!

    -Tali from Atlanta (you #1 fan, by far)


    Hi Andruw – Baseball is indeed universal.

    How is baseball played in China?
    Fundamental small-ball? Hit and run, bunting, stolen bases and such?

    I remember an old film titled MR.BASEBALL about an aging major league superstar (played by Tom Selleck) who is traded to a team in Japan.

    Is baseball in China sort of like that?

    Good luck on the upcoming season. GO DODGERS!


    Hello Jones,
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