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Baseball is universal

The writers were asking me what the first game in China was like. It was like a baseball game. That’s the way I approach it. I got here early today, took early batting practice in the cage, worked on my swing and got mentally prepared. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s regular season or Spring Training or Florida or China. I get into my routine and try not to change whether it’s here or wherever.
The fans were into the game. And when they announced there would be no extra innings, they started to boo, so they really knew. Overall, I’d say the fans in the stands were very nice. They yelled my name, called out Andruw. There were a lot of Americans out there.

I’m feeling like my swing is coming around. I’ve been working on my balance and I’m starting to see some results.

A lot of the guys are going out tonight for dinner, sight-seeing and shopping. I probably won’t leave the hotel. I’m going to my room, I’ll get something to eat, maybe get a message, pack up and get my sleep. I don’t know, maybe I’ll go down to the lobby and treat the guys to a drink. That’s it for my entertainment. If we had more time, I’d probably do more stuff. But not for me tonight.

Im whipped

MattkempandmeThe trip got to me. I had this plan today — after our workout, while the rest of the team went to see the Great Wall, I was going to rent a bike and just bike up and down the streets of Beijing and see all parts of this city. But I?m whipped. I didn?t really have my strength at the workout and I was a little achy, probably just from the trip or whatever. My timing was off hitting. So after getting back from the workouts, I didn?t even go out. I went to sleep. I got up in time for the reception at the hotel.

Tomorrow, we?ve got an early bus for the game and I?m going to prepare like it?s any day game. I?m going to get there early for batting practice, take some soft toss, start seeing the ball, just my regular routine for a game. After the game, I?ll get some dinner, but then got to get back and pack because we leave Sunday.

This trip is going fast. Check back tomorrow.

Hello from China

ChinaserieslogoWe just arrived at the team hotel in Beijing after an 18-hour flight from Orlando. I spent the flight talking with some of the younger guys and listening to music and playing video games -? Bass Pro Fishing Tournament is my favorite. But now we?re really here in China and I?m excited.

I grew up on Curacao, a little island in the Caribbean, and you never think you?ll get to go to the other side of the world. That?s why I?ve always enjoyed traveling. So, when the Dodgers asked if I wanted to be part of the first Major League Baseball series in China, right away I said I wanted to go. I love to experience different cultures. I?ve been to Japan, I?ve been to Holland and Bora Bora, but never China. I don?t know very much about China. I know it?s a big country with a lot of people and a unique, amazing culture. I know about the Great Wall.

I don?t do a lot of research when I go somewhere new. I just like to go and experience life in different places without any ideas about what it?s going to be like. I might just go walk around or take a train or get in a cab and just drive around and see the people and the buildings and the scenery. I won?t get to do that on this trip as much as I?d like, because we have a real tight schedule, but that?s okay, I?ll make time to do some sightseeing. I brought a camera and this time I?m going to take some pictures. I?ve been to Japan three times and I might have taken a half-dozen pictures.

And I?ve got to get some real Chinese food. I love Chinese food back home, but I think it?s going to be way different in China. I remember the sushi in Japan was so different than American sushi. Those are the kinds of things I love about traveling. Some of the veteran players didn?t want to come, but I think this is one of the great things about being a Major League ballplayer, getting opportunities like this. If you?re not trying to make the team, it?s an honor to be part of this. And we?ll still have 10 days once we get back to get ready for Opening Day.

Tomorrow, we have a workout at the stadium, then a little sightseeing and then a dinner reception. I?ll be back tomorrow with more.